As the Director, I want to welcome you to the academic activities at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School.

DIA has a unique academic as well as geographic position: To study in the famous Bauhaus City Dessau, 120 km (80mls) south of Berlin, is a challenge to any architecture student. In addition, Dessau is embedded in a triangle of old historic German Cities like Halle, Leipzig and Wittenberg. DIA started its activities ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1999 with 10 students. It has by now expanded to about 200 students from more than 30 countries.

The Dessau International Architecture Graduate School is conducting a Master Course in Architecture at Graduate Level which is taught entirely in English. After two years these studies lead to an internationally accredited Master of Arts Degree. Today DIA has the most successful English-taught Master of Architecture Course in Germany. Its students win the highest number of scholarship awards from the German Academic Exchange Program DAAD. Some of its students have won prizes in coveted Architecture competitions like FEIDAD or the German DAAD Prize.As a School of Architecture, DIA took part in the 2006, 2008 and 2010 Beijing Architecture Biennale for young talents as the only participant from Germany.
As basis for this success, I see the successful integration of such a large international student body at the famous Gropius Bauhaus location, in the multitude of academic options offered in the course, as well as the strong emphasis in teaching both theory in balance with digital media and their intelligent architectonic and technical handling.

Just as the student body is international, the teaching staff reflects this too. Predominantly, DIA engages its teachers from Anhalt University. However, it has been a longstanding practice to invite an international teaching staff as Guest Professors for 1-2 years. In consequence, DIA has had Neil Leach (USC, Los Angeles), Christos Passas (AA London), Lars Lerup (Rice University), Mathias del Campo (Angewandte Vienna), Arie Graafland (TU Delft) and Andong Lu (Cambridge University) as distinguished DAAD Guest Chairs over the past six years. In addition DIA has a long list of affiliated staff that have come to Dessau to do workshops, seminars and act as critics in Charettes. DIA is an affiliate member of the American Collegiate Association of Architecture Schools (ACSA) and has many (exchange) Partner Universities around the globe.

We encourage students to look at urban, technical, as well as environmental problems, with the aim of searching for sustainable proposals as solutions tackling European, but also global issues.

To study at DIA is certainly an exciting and academically challenging experience for any student that is looking for a second education at Master level.

Prof. Alfred Jacoby
Dipl. Arch. ETH, MA. Cantab.
Director DIA